International Repatriation

When a loved one passes away in a different country, families face additional stress. Their loved one needs to be transported home.

The Resting Place has the expertise in assisting you with this process. Contact us as soon as possible so that we may assist with the repatriation of the deceased.

Do contact a representative from The Resting Place or phone (65) 6533 1787 for assistance



Inbound repatriation is the receiving of a loved one from Overseas

  1. Contact The Resting Place Pte Ltd (TRP)
  2. In the country where the death had occurred, family of the deceased is required to inform the local undertaker that TRP is the designated Consignee.
  3. Contact the Embassy / High Commission / Consulate of Singapore.  They will be able to assist the family and facilitate the procedure of having the remains returned to Singapore.
  4. TRP will apply for the necessary documents with the Singapore’s Port Health Authority to allow the import of the Casket & Mortal Remains into Singapore.
  5. Documents required prior to the import:
    1. Deceased’s Passport & Other Identification;
    2. Sealing Certificate from overseas Undertaker
    3. Embalming Certificate from overseas Undertaker
    4. Coffin Export Permit from the country where the body is to be exported from.
  6. Airline’s Airway Consignment Bill is to be addressed to TRP or family’s Next-of-Kin (NOK) as Consignee.

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Outbound repatriation is the sending off a loved one from Singapore

  1. Contact The Resting Place Pte Ltd (TRP)
  2. Inform TRP of the overseas designated Receiving Undertaker.
  3. TRP will provide the following documents:
    1. Sealing Certificate, and
    2. Embalming Certificate.
  4. TRP will apply for all necessary documents in Singapore for the export of the Mortal Remains.
  5. TRP will forward the documents to the Receiving Undertaker’s application to import the casket & Mortal Remains into the Receiving Country.

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